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 Sales Centre Kuala Terengganu
Myaltitute 30 Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd ( Kpl Lesen 8279 )

Blog ini, adalah dibawah seliaan KT Sales Centre. Blog ini bukanlah blog/website rasmi pihak syarikat Myaltitute 30 Travels & Tours Sdn Bhd

99% semua urusan kami dilakukan secara online/atas talian menggunakan applikasi Whatsapp. Ianya memudahkan perbincangan dan semua perbincangan tersebut, Insyaallah akan disimpan sebagai rujukan sehinggalah percutian anda selesai.

Terima kasih kerana memilih kami

 AZMI BIN MOHD/Myaltitute 30 Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd ( Kpl Lesen 8279 )  acts only as agents for the above mentioned companies, transportation companies, hotels, restaurants and all other contractors. We cannot be held liable for any injury, damage or loss to person or property, additional expense, accidental delays or any other irregularity which may be caused either through wilful or negligent acts of omission on the part of the companies or individuals providing or engaged in transportation on land, sea or air, accommodation or other services relating to the execution of the tour or through natural calamities or Government restrictions, strikes or other factors beyond our control.

AZMI BIN MOHD/Myaltitute 30 Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd ( Kpl Lesen 8279 )  reserves the right to alter or amend any arrangements contained in the itineraries when deemed necessary and in the interest of the clients.

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